Letter to the President

Dear President Obama.

I write this letter in desperation. Desperation that the Egyptian revolution might not bring what it was started for: an end to the dictatorship, free and fair elections, change. We have an obligation to the Egyptian people.  After we in the west have kept their ruler Mubarak in power for so long, it is now time for the Egyptian people to choose their own leaders. Mubarak, his cronies from the NDP, including Soleiman, responsible for suppression of his people, should leave. Now. I fear for the lives of the people involved in the revolution, demonstrating in Tahrir Square and all over Egypt, if this regime in its final stage will be in charge longer. Their blood will be on our hands, yours, and mine for not standing by them.

I believed you when you promised change, I was happy when you became president. Your benediction, about wisdom, humility, courage, integrity, compassion and generosity, was an inspiration.

Now is your chance to make all these promises come true and to claim your place in history as a president who believed in and stood for freedom and democracy and the right of the people, all the people. This is your chance to claim your place in the hearts of Arabs all around the world. As one who is currently working in Iraq, I tell you: they are watching. Watching to see if you are with them or not. Standing by the Egyptian people will build their trust in you, and will give you an opportunity to change the political situation in the Middle East for the better. If you mis this chance, there may not be a second chance, you will loose their trust, and the change we will see will be for the worst. Too long have we tried to maintain our own freedom, our own way of life at the cost of people elsewhere. Too long have we denied others the rights we grant ourselves, or claim as our birthright. You as a U.S citizen should know the meaning of the words: We, the people. Should acknowledge that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are valid claims. Not only for the American people, but for people all over the world. You believe in change, I believe in change, the people of Egypt want change. Change you inspired them with during your recent visit to Egypt. This is the time to show your believe in your own words. This is the time to be true to your self.

This is the time to choose for those values that are most important, despite our fears of economic losses, our fears of the unknown. Stop your support of the Mubarak regime. Choose your envoys wisely. This is the time to show the world that you, leader of the greatest democracy in the world, truly believe in freedom and democracy. Freedom and democracy for all.



Een gedachte over “Letter to the President

  1. Linda Roos, ik aarzel. Het verhaal zit in mijn hoofd. Ik sprak er dit weekeinde over met mijn goede zwager Piet. We werden het niet eens, laat staan dat ik u terwijl je mij niet kent mijn verhaal duidelijk kan maken Ik volg je secuur en bewonder je betrokkenheid, je zorg en je moed. Mijn verhaal gaat ook over revolutie. Maar ik geloof niet meer dat “de politiek” iets kan oplossen. Het voert veel te ver om in deze reactieruimte daar dieper op in te gaan, daarom beperk ik me om je mijn waardering te melden voor je moed en volharding om te strijden voor een betere wereld. En betreur het dat je eerder dan verwacht / afgesproken moet stoppen met je werk in Irak. Misschien dat ik ooit wat uitvoeriger hierover met je kan mailen/ discussiëren. Tot zover: pas goed op en blijf geloven in ideen en opvattingen. Tzt goede reis naar huis of een volgend project. Hartelijke groet, Henry.


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